Saturday, April 13, 2013

Grading jail

Due to an unfortunate confluence of evaluative assignments in all of my classes, I will be spending this weekend in grading jail.  Please visit me in Cell Block 9 so I can remember what human faces look like.

*rattles tin cup on bars*
*plays harmonica*
*grades papers*


  1. I thought I was going to be in grading jail this weekend, but I ended up reading for class instead. I have to give these papers back on Thursday, so I still have some time. I have another class observation tomorrow -- this time with the dean -- so I should be (and am) focusing on that.

    And then hopefully all this awesome praise that I'll be compiling for my pre-tenure review could also be used as fodder for applications to other schools. Ha! Way to subversively use the system!

  2. waves, with empathy - my next mountain of papers arrives Thursday so we'll swap positions next week...

  3. Have you survived?

  4. I had the same weekend as you! Luckily, I will hand back big piles on Monday; unluckily, I will get two more small piles. Sigh.