Monday, April 15, 2013

Around the internet

Justin Bieber is a shallow idiot.  Everyone, please stop acting as if you are surprised in the least by this staggeringly obvious fact.  Frankly, I find it strange that anyone even gave half a fuck what he wrote in the guestbook.  (Were you expecting some sort of free-verse poetic meditation on the human condition?)

Interesting.  This new pope seems to have a fair amount of ambition and drive for an oldster.  Popewatching is something of an idle pastime for me, sort of like checking how the sports teams back in Hometown are doing.  My own interests in the workings of the Catholic Church are pretty parochial and limited (since Vatican II decided it wasn't okay to blame us for deicide anymore), but I have lots of friends who are really invested in many papal decisions.  It's useful for me to keep up on developments.

About that Iranian time-machine whatsit.

Plus ça change.  :/


ETA: And the awful news from Boston reconfirms that human beings are capable of indescribable cruelty.  My thoughts are with everyone there.

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  1. I'm rather fed up with humans in general. Why do people have to suck so hard?!