Thursday, February 2, 2012


Due to a canny combination of cut-and-paste from my dissertation and some fresh writing, energized by a book I started reading this morning, I ended up adding about 3,000 words to my manuscript today.  If only I could keep up such a pace every day!  I'd actually have a full working draft of the book in ten days

Just saying aloud that I could, theoretically, complete the first draft of my book manuscript within two weeks puts a very specific image in my head.  I mean, it's not gonna happen.  Too much other stuff to do, unpredictable bursts of creative inspiration, emotionally debilitating news from Hometown that could come at any moment, etc.  But still.  What a thought.

Plus, I enjoyed an hour-plus-long phone conversation with a dear friend from DOU-Town this evening.  She's one of my friends from the trench warfare of grad school: she is one of the very, very few people in this world with whom I have hung out long-term in three different countries.  There's nothing like catching up with old friends.

I actually feel okay enough about what I did today to relax with a glass of wine, and not feel obligated to try to do anything work-related tonight.  I should make a habit of this.


  1. I was just saying that I think I have a full draft done of this article I have been working on recently. But I wrote the last two pages while drinking hard liquor, so I might have significant editing on the docket tomorrow. However, it looks like my weekend just got a lot lighter in the work arena. Huzzah!

    Good job getting a chunk of work done! It's always lovely to cash in the chips of inspiration when they come your way. It is so rare, isn't it?

  2. Whoo-hoo! Progress is always good!