Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hopeful news, despite it all

Let's just say that I am not wholly pleased by recent steps taken in Research Country with what appears to be the blessing of the United States.  Srsly, doodz?  Y u no bring teh democracy frealz?  Sigh.  At least my RC-ian friends seem cautiously optimistic.  Things still seem to change day by day and hour by hour, so there's no guessing what will come of the latest moves.

I do, however, feel real hope that RC-ians have finally and permanently lost their sense of political hopelessness, that nothing they do or think or say can ever matter in the political sphere.  All it took was uniting, and focusing on a goal, and not allowing their other disagreements and divisions to overwhelm their unity.  They are still a little stunned, I think, to comprehend their own political power.  Seeing the YouTube videos of them working together and taking joy in the fact that they can do it so well is enough to make me sniffle.  And reading the thoughts they post, often from the sites of the protests and while attempting to avoid being murdered by state security, makes me just break down sobbing.

In much more solipsistic and less dramatic good news, I've been invited to another short-list interview, and this one is actually on campus!  Going to be a tricky business working that out, but they're paying for the ticket, so bring it on!  I should explain here that I'm not back in the US; I'm currently staying in Evacuation Country, which is in the same (very general) region as RC.  It's not the most convenient for international flight patterns, although it was (and is!) hella convenient as a safe haven.  Gotta do a little flight searching to find a route that won't leave me exhausted right when I have to be on point for the campus interview.


  1. Hooray! Good luck! And good luck getting your flight plans made while off the beaten path.

  2. The stuff from yesterday's mass and all the cross-religion stuff has been particularly moving for me, in light of what January was like. (Actually, I'm wondering about the dialectic between January and what's happening now; oh hey, that's a convo not to be had when we're obscuring where you were!)

    Good luck with the interview and the flyout. I'm impressed that they're willing to do it over such a distance! Maybe book yourself an extra day in Interview City, if you can spare the $$$ for another hotel room (or if they'll spring for it--7hrs of time difference is a Big Deal).

  3. @Ajnabieh: Just email me privately. We can get all shop-talky there. :) And yeah, I'm feeling good that they're even willing to consider paying for a flight like this! They're comping me a hotel room, too. I feel so....grown-up. Strange.

  4. It has been a long time since I've been on the blog world and it looks like I have missed a lot with you! So suffice it to say I am glad you are safe-that is really very important. Also, terrific news about the interview and that they are paying for your ticket! Good luck!