Saturday, February 12, 2011


For those who have not yet finished their vocabulary exercises in RCish (late papers not accepted!), those words around the border are tyranny, bribery, strife, influence-peddling, corruption, and despotism.

It is, of course, not necessarily the end of these things.  But, if the good people of Research Country keep up the magnificent job they have been doing lately, it will be the beginning of the end.  They have been engaged in a near-textbook-perfect non-violent civil disobedience project, on a scale and scope that the country has never seen before.  (And, it's worth noting, Research Country has a looooooooooooong history.)  They have endured everything that their government could throw at them, and they not only survived but held their line.  And we, their friends, colleagues, and students, are all inspired.

What the hell, here's one more item vocab item for you: Taḥyā maṣr!  (Don't look at me like that: look it up in your texts!)


  1. You forgot alf mabrook! I can't stop smiling and jumping up and down. Are you thinking of going back soon?

  2. Hey Shedding, I'm still waiting to see what the situation will be with my postdoc. Practically speaking, I can't go back to RC if no one is paying me to do so. I'm hopeful there will be some movement on that soon.