Friday, September 24, 2010

Major announcement

Okay, it's actually pretty trivial to readers, I guess.  But I'm dorkily excited: I've finally settled upon a proper blogging term for my professional discipline.  Clearly, if I am to maintain my oh-so-thin veneer of anonymity/pseudonymity on here, I can't say what I actually do.  I've attempted to speak about it in terms of Harry Potter's curriculum; I've tried dancing around it in English studies lingo; I've even stolen a page out of another academic blogger's playbook with a borrowed term.  No more, brothers and sisters, no more!  I finally hit upon the ideal term for what I do, as befits a blog-reading public:


I am pleased.  And probably should go back to fretting about my book manuscript now.


  1. Nice! I use "culinary psychology" because I like to cook, but it has absolutely nothing to do with my field. Of course, trying to come up with terminology for different concepts has been tough, but kind of fun.

  2. That's a wonderful term!

    And it alliterates so nicely: Professor of Pseudology.