Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In which Koshary whines about offices

I hate office jobs.  I know, as an academic I aspire to have an office tucked into an alcove off a corridor someday, or maybe even a fancy-pants corner office.  I also wouldn't mind something like this:

But I really hate "office work."  And that, as I have previously kvetched to you, is what I'm doing at the moment.  Yeah, it pays some bills, which I suppose is a good thing.  (Especially since I've been delving deeply into my student loan repayment options.)  But I'm the kind of person who takes a job like this hoping that, after perhaps a week, things will settle into routines, and I'll have time left over to grind my way through some theory reading and maybe even a little book proposal drafting.  Therefore, as I discovered this morning, I am also the kind of person who feels a momentary burst of red-hot rage upon arriving at the office, computer and theory reading in hand, and finding a motherfucking shit-ton of work waiting for me in my chair.  This was supposed to be a very light day.  WTF?

By the way, I think my interview with TAJ went well.  Not much that I can say here, except that it went pretty much as I expected, and was definitely a prelim interview: just a half-hour, no opportunity for me to grill them in response.  It'd be such a cool job to have that I've immediately set about getting into the Zen mindset of "Well, that was fun to fantasize about, but you won't get that job.  On to the next round of applications!"  Such is the way of the samurai academic, right?

And yes, I know that Zen Buddhism and the samurai lifestyle probably don't mesh well, but I'm not a scholar of Japanese culture, damn it!

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  1. Hmm, samurai academics. I may need to create a post parodying that.