Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can you see me?

Details must be kept to a bare minimum here, but I'm making a little forward progress toward a job I applied for.  (No, not the job I'm doing right now -- a career job!)  The institution wants to interview me via video conference, which I suppose is not so shocking nowadays, with budget crunches and airfares and whatnot.  They asked me for a prompt reply stating whether or not I was willing and able to do this.  I gave them a reply within twenty-four hours, once I had confirmed through my people -- you knew I had people, right? -- that I could access the necessary fancy-pants technology.  I explained in the response that we have such-and-such system, which can communicate with corresponding systems X and Y, and that as long as this institution has its own set of X or Y, we're good to go.

That was Tuesday.

Yeah, it seems that I'm back to waiting and nail-biting on the job market.  It has begun.  These institutions are not on my schedule, but rather I am on theirs.  I have to keep this in mind, so I don't freak out and start panic-calling them every day like a loser they met at the bar one night.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  Aaargh.


  1. Ugh, the waiting sounds awful. But when the video conference interview does come around, you will be so money and not like the loser they met at the bar one night. Good luck!

  2. Wait, I thought you have a postdoc? Is this an actual fancy tt type position, then? And why are they hiring so late?

  3. EA -- I have mixed feelings about being so money, given my disgust for much of what the characters in that movie say and do. I'll aim for the good parts of being so money! (Don't you just want to shower yourself off every time you hear Vince Vaughn say that?)

    Sis -- Details simply have to wait for now. :) All I can say is that not all hiring committee schedules make sense.