Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I stopped by my favorite committee advisor's office today to beg him to let me know if he found out about any positions I could fill.  He had been away with his family during the break, so he wasn't even aware until I told him that I had no funding.  His face looked like I'd just said that my family was wiped out in a house fire: deeply sympathetic of my troubles, but somehow not encouraging.

I also spoke with my supervisor.  (Yeah, totally not my favorite.)  He tried his best to be helpful, and wondered aloud if the anticipated health reform bill might aid me by letting me rejoin my parents' insurance.  I observed that I'm way too old for this.  "Ah," he said hopefully, "I heard they're raising the age limit to 27." 

Please let the record show that I have not been that young for some years now, and that my supervisor was unaware of this until I told him my age.

I'm drinking now.

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