Thursday, January 14, 2010

Close-enough-for-government-work done

Sometimes I surprise myself.  I was harboring serious doubts that I'd get everything done by tomorrow's deadline, particularly several postdoc apps for fellowships that, for various reasons, I'm not wild about.  Really, the only thing that consistently pushed me to work on them were the facts that I had already requested letters of reference for them, and that I had already spent the money on transcripts for them, and can't get my cash back.  May as well email the fucking apps, you know?

But I managed it, and now my next deadline is February 1st.  As it shall be as well for my dissertation, since tonight, mere minutes after sending off the last postdoc app, I completed the first full drafts of my introductory and final chapters.  They sit on my desk now, awaiting tomorrow's delivery to my supervisor.  Assuming he doesn't tell me to go back to the drawing board on these, I'll have to get the entire dissertation assembled to ship out to the committee by February 1. 

Oh, and in good news that does not index me directly, my colleague in Haiti called in to let us know that she's alive and well, if a little bruised.  General sigh of relief!

I'm a little too tired to be giddy, but I feel good.  And now, I believe, it is high time for a good drink.


  1. Congrats on the done-ness! The only good dissertation is a done dissertation, or something like that.

  2. Boy, am I looking forward to a truly done dissertation! But for the moment, this will do.