Sunday, January 3, 2010

My feet are cold...

...And so I sit here in bed, with my laptop, surfing the internet, because I feel mentally exhausted from yesterday's whirlwind job application.  I invented what I like to think is a clever idea that could potentially qualify me for a postdoc for which I am otherwise completely and utterly unqualified.  The state of the job market is forcing me to think as creatively, and to stretch ideas as violently as possible, which means that I'm applying for positions that refer to areas of the world that I do not study, fields of inquiry in which I do not specialize, and once in a while even entire professional disciplines with which I am unacquainted.  I fully acknowledge that this is all ridiculous, and that I probably deserve to be rejected from all the reaches, but Christ on a cracker, what else am I supposed to do?  The sheer odds of landing any particular job means that I need to apply (effectively) to as many as I can cram in.  Sooner or later, one is bound to run out of job opportunities within one's usual disciplinary parameters, and one has to start trespassing onto other people's turf.

Alas, I can't sit here in bed all day.  My feet are only mildly warmed under the covers, and it's impossible to reach the kitchen -- let alone go out for a coffee -- from here.  And I'm going to need both food and coffee because I have another postdoc app and another job app to crank out today.  (Ah, working against rapidly approaching deadlines!)  At least both of those actually make sense for my areas of expertise, so I won't have to repeat yesterday's stunt of brainstorming "Hmm, how could I possibly mount a reasonable argument for them to hire me?"

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