Saturday, April 12, 2014

Everyone knows you're going to live

I have posted this song on this blog once before, when I was getting over some very silly heartbreak.  That's what the song is about, of course.  But I suddenly realized a few days ago that the song is now speaking to me in a new register, in regard to my career drama.  It's unsettlingly on point, given that I have had moments over the last month when I actually felt like I was dying.  And yes, I know that is completely batshit insane.  I don't deny that at all.  But it was a real emotion.

A number of people have likened the academic job market to an emotionally abusive relationship with a partner who refuses to affirm you.  If I'm in the process of (at least temporarily) breaking up with academia, then it's comforting all over again to listen to Spektor sing this song.


  1. Everyone knows it's going to hurt,
    But at least we'll get hurt trying.

  2. I was where you are back in the 90s, when academic hiring was *nearly* as bad, and the economy was much better. I was the only one of my cohort to get any kind of job, and it was a pretty terrible job -- VAP in Idaho, for very little money -- and after that, I got a worse job; and after that, I got this job. (Which, while I'm grateful for it, and love doing it, pays just enough to let me slowly go broke, in a town where Dr. Skull can't find work.)

    I guess I'm just sending you sympathy. :(