Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Please distract me!

I'm pretty much too depressed by the moribund state of my job hunt to blog about it.  I made it through my stupid little January term course, so now I have all of four days to enjoy before the Spring semester begins.  I want to write about something, anything other than my fear of professional failure and depression, but it's hard to get going.  I'm hoping that presenting a small poll to my readers will help to focus the next few posts, assuming nothing earth-shattering happens to intrude.  Give me a good fluffy topic to write about!

What should I write about?  What would you like to read about?
  1. My recent experiments with coffee cocktails?
  2. My developing critique of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug?
  3. My formal attempt to stop having to disrobe in airports?
  4. Preparation for polar vortex storms, out here in frigid Cornstate?
  5. Something else?
Comment away!


  1. I would like to hear what you thought of my dragon boyfr--er, I mean, The Desolation of Smaug, plz. I very nearly have made an I AM FIRE, I AM DEATH, I AM TRYING TO WORK, DISTURB AT YR OWN RISK sign for my office door.

    The concept of a coffee cocktail disturbs me, but I somehow think that will have an audience.

    -24C all week up here. Oy.

  2. Ooh I kinda want to steal ajnabieh's quote there! Too bad I'm at a teaching school where I don't actually have any research.

    Also, if you are drinking the right cocktails, having to disrobe in airports won't be a problem --- instead, they'll be asking you to put something on!

    I also think you should make some slow-cooked stew of some kind or something with melty cheese, and write about that.

  3. Preparations for another polar vortex would be my vote. But then, that's because I'm just not sure how much more I can take of this goddamn awful winter we're having.

    What about hot chocolate? I bet you could come up with some fancy hot chocolate ideas. :)

  4. Maybe comment on The Professor Is In's Google doc on the shame of PhD debt? Of course that's my vote. Of course :) Miss you, Dr. Koshary!