Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brawl ridiculous

This post is especially for Fie Upon This Quiet Life, apropos of our after-dinner conversation.


If you prefer video to cartoon, how about this?

(I recommend starting the video at 5:12, so you don't have to endure Kenneth Branagh's irritating delivery of the St. Crispin's Day speech.  Plus, you know, Derek Jacobi.)


  1. I watched from the herald's part to see who they cast as York. I need to check on his age at the time of the battle. I think they miscast him as being too young. It's a minor detail to anyone but me. Anyway - I appreciate the fact that the battle is portrayed pretty well here. I think the "brawl ridiculous" is in regard to the actor's inability to reproduce so glorious an object, no? Anyway they weren't exactly expecting to have KB's special effects team. :)

    LOVE the cartoon. I need to put that in my office window, methinks.

  2. Yeah - York should have been 41-42 years old at Agincourt. He was 26 when Henry IV took the throne from Richard II. Hal was around that age when he invaded France, give or take a couple years. Don't casting directors for movies practice due diligence? Again, I am probably the only person who cares about this level of detail.

    1. Due diligence, my dear Fie?? The real-life York died at Agincourt when his horse fell on him and crushed him to death. Branagh's cinematic York died when an entire assassination squad of French soldiers surrounded him and cut him to ribbons. Branagh scripted this for the same reason that his casting director selected a cute young dude to play York: because it looked fucking awesome. Homely fortysomething being crushed under a horse loses out to hot twentysomething being, um, penetrated to death every time.

      Gee, what *is* that about, anyway? I've seen that movie ten times, and I never thought of that before.

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