Thursday, January 27, 2011

It will be live

Holy current events!  There's, um, way, way too much going on now to keep on top of it all.  Contradictory reports, counter-intuitive experiences, and counter-something else to complete my little troika.  My internet access is now as ephemeral as gossamer, so I'm posting this while I have the chance.  (Took me a while to run down the links, let me tell you!)  Ten songs declaring some of my welter of feelings about Research City now follow.

10. Everything Is Broken (I can't find Bob Dylan singing it, and I refuse to link to bad cover versions!)
9. Dump The Bosses Off Your Back
8. Let The Bad Air Out
7. Mass Romantic
6. If I Had My Way
5. You Can Make It If You Try
4. It's The End Of The World As We Know It
3. Burning Down The House
2. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
1. How's It Gonna End?


  1. Be careful! (Or, as we say in these parts, "Be partic'ler.") I've been in touch w/ someone who also lives close by, and he's already had a gig cancelled due to the rioting (he's a musician). Sounds like crazy times, but based on my observations from my time there, I can't say that I'm surprised. Well, I'm surprised it took this long, but still...

  2. I am sitting around in jaw-drop mode. I almost can't believe this is all going down...and yet, of course it is. Now, excuse me, I'm heading back to reading the news...

  3. Stay safe dude! And take all the notes/video/images you can!!!! You're at a special moment --- "watching the world wake up from history" to steal another favorite song.

  4. The penny just dropped: this morning's news plus the lentil-rice dish. Sending good thoughts your way. Be safe!

  5. Here's to living in interesting times (and places). Stay safe.