Monday, April 12, 2010

On the DL

No details bloggable at the moment, but I'm out of DOU-Town for an interview.  I have a little free time before I have to impress people, so I thought I might amuse myself and (hopefully) tantalize my readers with this little tease.

Off in search of some local cuisine and beer.


  1. Wha??? Where, tell tell! The gossip, we needs it, my precious!

  2. Now, now, we mustn't tells the others too much, must we?

    Nooo! We wants them to like us! We wants them to keep reading the blog! Don't make us keep gag order! Pleeease!

    Ah ah ah, can't be having the others knowing all that we do, all that we know. Must protect...our priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivacy on the internets!

    ...See what happens when you make me geek out, Sis? I'm a bad improv scene now.