Sunday, December 6, 2009


The time has come, like the Walrus said, to talk of many things. We all need a release valve for some parts of our lives that aggravate or obsess us, but we don't always have the right people handy for a private conversation. Worse, we often have exactly the wrong people to hand: the ones who are implicated or involved in matters we'd like to vent about. I've seen some excellent academic blogs, and I've become a fan of the medium, when it's well executed. It seems a fruitful way to have a conversation about frustrating issues without taking the political heat for it. Since this requires my anonymity, you won't hear much in the way of personal biographical details or identifying names. I get worn out trying to invent good pseudonyms for everyone, but I'll do my best for you. (Assuming that there is a 'you' reading this.)

I'm currently so exhausted from my recent excursion to one of the big annual conferences that I think I need to go back to bed right now, but I'll start posting questions and rants thought pieces soon. If I'm lucky, there will follow some good discussion, if and when other academics find the time to read and comment.

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