Friday, August 2, 2013

One month

I'm down to one month before a) classes begin, and b) THE BOOK IS DUE.  I am currently attempting to power through syllabus creation so that I can put in my book orders and then restore my attention to the manuscript, which is coming along, but needs — well, just look at the progress meter and you'll see what it needs.  Can someone please arrange for a metric ton of coffee – unground, if you don't mind – to be delivered to my door?  I don't know if I'll have the strength for this otherwise.

But of course, I must, so I suppose I must.

Meanwhile, I can't think of any appropriate song for the phrase "one month," so I'll be a cheapskate and just give you "Two weeks."


  1. What kind of coffee do you like? We used to drink Peet's Coffee on the west coast, and recently discovered that someone had the bright idea to distribute it out to the sticks. So now, our tastes have been reacclimated to the strongest coffee in America. I recommend you get some. French Roast is my fav. Kroger and Meijer both carry it. Alas, it is already ground.

  2. You need to order some Intelligentsia! Great stuff. We used to order it back when we made money. :P