Friday, March 22, 2013

O, asymptotic spring break!

It's finally spring break for CBU now!  Well, almost spring break, for me.  I have a pile of tests to grade on my desk that I've been grinding through all afternoon.  Halfway through them now, and I'm trying to remain disciplined enough to power all the way through them before I leave the office today.  I'm actually rewarding myself right now by playing around in blogland for a few minutes, after knocking out half of the grading.  Although, I must admit, I actually thought when I took the break that I had done five of eight pages, and I only just now realized that page 5 remains unmarked.  *headdesk*

I have plenty of work to do through spring break, of course, so it's not like I'm rushing to grab a flight to Cancun or anything.  But I at least want to work on some of my writing, as well as obey the pitiless requirements of my teaching load.  And grading, more than any other activity for me, grows to be more of a burden the longer it sits.  I have a party to attend tomorrow evening, and I want to go home tonight and bake some pastry in advance of that party, and have a glass of wine or two, and NOT THINK ABOUT THE MOTHERLOVIN' GRADING. 

Kinda sucks to be in the office past 5:00 on the Friday that kicks off spring break, but it's worth it to leave the pile of tests neatly organized and graded at the office.

Almost there...almost there...


  1. Wait until you have service. I'd rather grade than develop and write justifications for assessment exercises.

    1. Okay, maybe you have a point. I'll cross that bridge when/if I come to it.

  2. I say all the time that teaching is the smallest part of my TT job. Of course, I know that you criticize me for that. But it's not just the service. It's all the required meetings. Plus, trying to do just one conference per semester keeps me busy as hell.

    I'm glad that you're on spring break with all this snow, though. I'd hate for you to have to make the drive in this nonsense. Of course, spring break with snow seems... well, not fun. But maybe you'll be forced to work on some research this way.

    And by the way, my uni is firing a TT person for neglecting his service duties. :)