Thursday, June 14, 2012


I finally sent out that damn book review yesterday, and I feel much better for it.  If I were a really conscientious academic, I would now turn my full attention to bear upon the books that I must consider for use in my classes.  However, since I am not so much a conscientious academic as a punk-ass slacker academic, I shall instead take a short vacation.  An old friend of mine has a four-day industry conference in a city about five hours' drive from Ghosttown, and has kindly offered to let me glom onto the hotel room zi has already booked.  Cheapskate vacation FTW!

I'm debating whether or not I should even try to bring some work with me.  My friend will be tied up with professional stuff all day, so we'll only be hanging out together in the evenings.  And I should be figuring out my reading lists, I know.  But...vacation...  Hm.  Perhaps I'll bring a few of the books along with me, since I rarely do much before I've had breakfast.  I can skim a book, and then run along to see the sights around town, or just relax, knowing that I have the run of the hotel and can sashay on out to do stuff whenever I damn well please. 

Or maybe I'll just slow down.  

Off to pack an overnight bag!

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