Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sisyphus' summer meme

1. What is your favorite part of summer?

Cool mornings when I have no deadlines hanging over me, and I can enjoy the weather without benefit of air conditioning while I drink my coffee and think about what I'd like to do that day.

2. What's your favorite quintessentially summer food? Least favorite?

Favorite: Ceviche.  It's harder to get fresh fish in the summer months, but it's so good with lots of citruses thrown together.  Cold and tart are wonderful summer food sensations.

Least: Almost any variety of sausage associated with summertime.  Summer sausage and bratwurst are both disgusting and there, I've said it.

3.  Best beverage to beat the summer heat:

Depends on what we're talking about.  For cooling down from the heat, water, of course.  For spurious justification of getting drunk, a cold, hoppy IPA or a frozen margarita.

4. Least favorite/most annoying thing related to summer?

As a professional academician, I would say the lack of a paycheck.

5.  Pick one: the lake /the beach. Why?

The obvious answer is to go to the beach down the shore.  (Down the shore, everything's all right, you know.)  Mountain lakes are beautiful, but do not have the emotional hold of the ocean for me.

6. Most amusing summer vacation trip you've ever taken?

I've never taken an especially amusing summer vacation trip, per se.  The closest to that would be the road trip from Hometown out to DOU-Town when I entered graduate school.  Not a vacation in the usual sense, but it was tons of fun.

7. Most ridiculous/cringe-inducing/blush-provoking summer outfit you have seen? (Bonus points if you yourself were wearing it!)

Having spent a lot of time down the shore and in DOU-Town, which gets hotter than Hades, I've lost count.  I guess anything that reveals more of a person's genitals than I feel should be seen by anyone other than a lover, a urologist, or an OBGYN. 

8. Your absolute dream summer afternoon would be:

Sitting at the beach or in a park with a big frozen margarita, an hour after learning that the entire first print run of my book had sold out in a week, as an uncanny number of women found themselves mysteriously attracted to my aura of quiet brilliance.

That, or maybe just a really big happy hour at a favorite bar in DOU-Town with a big reunion of my buddies from grad school.

Edited to add fuller response to #2.


  1. I especially love both answers in #8.

  2. Go #6! Yeah man, still only in my fourth decade and I'm bugged down with nostalgia. Those were the days... and may we have even better ones to come :)!