Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two weeks left in Ghosttown = PARTY

I mean, if you wanna party Koshary-style, that is.  I realized yesterday that, between the house-hunting trip I'm planning and the visit to Hometown I've scheduled, I really only have two weeks left to live in Ghosttown, besides a few days of frantic packing at the tail end.  This realization, all by itself, has stimulated my good mood, as well as a sudden attack of industry: I have to read books!  Write syllabi!  Plan my move!  (Side note: all-online banking may have just changed my entire freaking life.)

It is now 2:00AM, and I am buzzed after a second glass of cheap-ass moderately priced riesling.*  What am I doing with said buzz going, you may well ask?  Writing syllabi!  Considering various forms of writing assignments!  Drafting an email to send to colleagues to consult their opinions on the matter!  And, naturally, creating my own soundtrack from hell by listening to "Call me maybe" on repeat.  Goddamn catchy pop songs drawing me in with their peppy hooks.

The line "Before you came into my life/I missed you so bad" drives me almost to distraction, given its temporal impossibility and quasi-postmodern collapse of past and present time.  Carly Rae, you cannot miss that of which you are totally unaware.  HOWEVER, if you simply ignore the stupid fucking lyric and concentrate on the sickeningly catchy chord changes and string section in the background – and maybe throw back a third of a bottle of wine – you will find yourself captivated as all fuck.

And now I shall return to contemplating the merits of research papers, as all of you are ASSIMILATED BY A ONE-HIT-WONDER POP SENSATION, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*Pairs nicely with the kinda-sorta expensive-by-weight wedge of Stilton that you bought while telling yourself that you could justify it by buying some inexpensive riesling to make a proper wine-and-cheese break.


  1. I haven't heard the song, and maybe I'll listen to it later when I won't be interrupting anyone's tv time (where are my headphones? arrrrghhh!), BUT the line "Before you came into my life/I missed you so bad" actually kind of resonates with me. Yes, I know that it's impossible to miss something that you didn't know existed. But (I assume this is a romantic song) in the realm of romance, you have a fantasy of the person you want to be with who is someone you probably have never met to that point. Then, when you meet the person, you realize that he (or she) was the one you were pining for, even though you'd never met him. It feels like that person slides perfectly into the place of the fantasy and locks into that identity. Now, that's not to say that it's fair to the person to hold him up to the expectations one has of the fantasy. But that happens all the time since love isn't fair or logical.

    Feel free to disagree. :)

    1. Oh Fie, watch the video. "Love" and "romance" are at best euphemisms for the point of this song. You and Carly Rae Jepsen exist on different planes of expressive thought.

  2. PS - Have fun in your last couple of weeks in GT. It sounds like you're making progress in your course creation. :)

  3. Lol. I love the end of the video. Funny.

    Okay - I still stand by my comment above, even if lust or hooking up is the point of the song. I think everyone wants to have a physical connection with someone and we tend to fantasize about whatcwe'd want with and from that person. However, sometimes our imaginations either aim too high or (if you're lucky) fall short of the real connection you can have with people. But what would I know about that? I've been married for 11 years and have two kids. I'm pretty sure my days of new physical connections are far, far behind me. Haha.

  4. Commenting on iPhone - forgive typos please!

  5. So late to this but 1) we are music soulmates and 2) there is so much more aside from the postmodern missing of the boy before meeting him that is temporally and socially wrong with the lyrics of this song, including (but not limited to) the fact that she says it's hard to look right at him, even though she's clearly singing only about him! With his ripped jeans! And then, Why only should he "maybe" call her, when clearly she's "missed him so bad?

    It DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!!! And yet, it is GENIUS.

    You must send me an email and tell me where the happytown is that you're moving to - for as we are music soulmates I need to know whether you might be in my proximity. (That's the bloggy academic version of "call me, maybe.") :P