Monday, October 11, 2010

Pre-departure to-do list

I'm almost delirious right now, between the demands of keeping my family more-or-less happy about my leave-taking procedures, the demands of job applications, and a mild physical reaction to the flu shot I got a few days ago.  I'm fighting through it, though, and plan to go to bed early to give myself a little extra strength.  My mind is fuzzy, though, so I actually feel compelled to write down all the little things I have to do before I fly.
  1. Post all these applications I've accumulated, since I forgot that today was Columbus Day and the post office wouldn't be open.
  2. Return book to Alma Mater Undergrad.
  3. Get a haircut.
  4. Do a fuckton of laundry so that I don't have to travel with smelly clothes.
  5. Pick up a research-length supply of my favorite pens.  (Yes, I have a favorite kind.  No, I will not apologize for this.  You can't use just any writing tool on those gorgeous — and carcinogenic? — Moleskine notebooks.)
  6. Buy one of those all-in-one tool thingies.
  7. Pack — carefully.  I checked the luggage restrictions on my ticket, and discovered that I have to adhere to what sounds like a rather strict total weight requirement.  I fear this means bringing one suitcase less than I had planned, unless I measure the total bag weight to the ounce.  My postdoc will actually comp me for overweight baggage fees, but why take chances on the outbound flight?  All of us who have conducted research trips know that new reading materials have a way of coming home with us, driving the overweight bag fees through the roof.  (Coming home from my last trip, I got reamed for $300 in overweight bag fees.  No joke.)
Meanwhile, to bed.  Three days until I fly.  I'll need my beauty rest.


  1. Can you even take one of those all-in-one-tool thingies? I thought you can't even pack a blade like that in luggage.

    Go check TSA on the web ... and be prepared for it to be wrong and they confiscate your stuff anyway!

  2. Be sure to put the all-in-one tool in your checked luggage, because they will not let you bring that on board.

    I feel your pain; I always hate those last few days before a big departure! It seems as if I have 10x as much to do and 1/10 of the time I need to accomplish it. Still, it always gets done. Good luck!!

  3. Don't worry, you two! I know my way around TSA restrictions, and my beautiful new all-in-one will be riding in checked baggage. Ever since an officious TSA guard confiscated an old nail clipper because it has a tiny nail file on it that perhaps only MacGuyver could have jury-rigged as a blade, I've been very cautious about checking everything threatening.

    Also, welcome, Haphazard!

  4. Good luck getting ready and safe travels!