Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two minutes' hate

I've just seen a fourth apparently sane, apparently adult human being walking around town wearing a pair of running shoes with toes.  I really do not consider this acceptable behavior for a socialized person.  Maybe if he grew up raised by wolves with a fixation on physical exercise.  Maybe.  You want to go running in your super-special toed shoes in order to celebrate the miracle that is hominid evolutionary biology?  Go ahead, knock yourself out.  But take those damn things off afterward and dress yourself with a little concern for not looking like an idiot.  We evolved culture and subjective social standards only a short spell after we evolved the spiffy sprinting feet.  Catch the fuck up.


  1. But this makes it easier to identify and then avoid annoying douchebags!

  2. Shudder. Shouldn't have clicked the link. May have nightmare about those shoes (they are shoes, yes? and not some form of bizarre disease?)