Sunday, June 20, 2010


  • Sigh.  I sharpened my editorial chef's knife today and cut the article draft down from 52 to 39 pages.  Still too long, and it has neither an introduction nor a conclusion as yet.  Can I get a newbie break on page limits, please?  Pretty please?
  • I actually did something entertaining and social with my Saturday night: a colleague's husband premiered a ballet he choreographed, after which we all went to a party at the house of some of the performers.  I actually hung out eating, drinking, and chatting with people until 3:00AM.  Of course, I feel stretched a little thin today, but it was worth it.  It reminded me of how much I enjoy socializing, and how starved for that I can feel during periods of academic isolation (final diss write-up, summertime, etc.). 
  • I have to tutor a student today, gotta cram in some of the mounting pile of theory readings afterward, and then tonight I'm going for dinner and drinks with some friends. All of this on five hours' sleep.  Gonna be hitting the coffee hard, I fear.
  • The Nationals' new album is full of sad music, but somehow I find it inspiring and bolstering while editing.  Not sure I can listen to music with words while trying to read, but I may give it a shot.  They're helping me through a period of unpleasant editing against my expectations, so who knows what else they may help me achieve?

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