Thursday, December 12, 2013

Office hours in opera form

The vast majority of my open office hours through the semester run pretty much like this:

But this week, mere days before the final exam for both of my Intro to Pseudology classes, my office hours suddenly turn into — well, kinda-sorta* turn into this:

Uno alla volta!

Naturally, after the exams, I have to go into hiding, lest my office hours devolve into this:

* I mean, minus the gratuitous skeeziness, misogyny, and the crazy pantaloons.  I actually dislike this version, but the only staged version on YouTube that I like so far is an old filmed version with Tito Gobbi, and he performs it without anyone else on stage, so you sort of lose my point about being in high demand, and...I've explained too much, haven't I?


  1. But I love Rite of Spring! And I would be the tyrannosaurus dealing out Grades of Destruction right and left, yes? What could be wrong with that???

    PS I love your crazy pantaloons! Don't ever change!

    heh heh

    1. The claustrophobic sensation of being besieged by students at the door of my office makes me feel unsettlingly more like the doomed stegosaurus. But yes, behind closed doors, I'm all carnivorous and shit. :)

  2. Fiiiiiiiigaro. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiigaro!

    1. Sono il factotum della città, della città, della città, dellaaaaaa ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittàààààààààààà!

      *bows arrogantly*