Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Editing on the big screen

I added about 4000 words to the manuscript today this way.  Gotta do more of this!


  1. My wife walked in while I was laughing at this post. "That's why I miss my computer," she said, sadfacing. (Her old work computer recently bit the dust, and we're waiting on my brother repairing it.)

    You are a massive dork; hi-fives to you for it.

    The IT department at Ottawa just literally threw its hands in the air and said "you're on your own" when I said I wanted a Mac; what century are they living in, seriously?

  2. And you can also have AJ and FB running in the lower quarters to keep up with events, and then if you use different spaces . . . I seriously think the large screen halves my work time!

  3. 4000 words, eh? Soooo, about 1000 pages with font that big? ;)