Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time to focus

I just got back from another emotionally draining visit to Hometown.  It's a damn good thing that they make drugs for these situations.  (To say nothing of red wine.)

Brief update on my cousin that might disappear, depending on how dishy I feel it is: zi is recovering well from the stroke, although the aphasia is apparently known to be the most stubbornly lingering effect.  Zi literally cannot say very many words right now, but has full (and sophisticated) comprehension of what zi hears.  Zi is also relearning how to read and write.  It's a little daunting to see what the stroke did to hir, but it's also a huge relief to see that the mind and psyche remain fundamentally the same.

Now that I'm back, I have a few more days to get ready for my campus visit.  Perhaps I should draft that job talk.  Ahem.  Hey, don't look at me like that — if you had to spend the last few days the way I did, you'd be behind on work, too.  I'll get to work on that tomorrow morning.  Right now, all I can do is fold laundry, drink wine, and attempt to beat my own high scores in Angry Birds.


  1. Yeh, I totally goofed off today after getting a fairly decent amount of grading done yesterday. Tomorrow morning I need to grade one last essay and norm them all before classes. I hope I finished all my class prep already.

    PS my cat is curled up in a little donut shape next to me, snoring. It's cute. Maybe not Angry Birds cute, but still, pretty cute.

  2. Yes, you need a breather, sounds like. (((Dr. K))) Good luck with the prepwork...

  3. Good luck as you pull the talk together. In some ways, your current state may work to your advantage because you won't have time to draft and redraft and overthink things :)

  4. Well, I got my job in the midst of some pretty terrible circumstances. While I wish you didn't have terrible circumstances of your own, I do wish you all the luck in the world! Go kick ass in spite of your current obstacles. :)

  5. Angry Birds is so addictive...

    Wish there were an Angry Birds wii game. Just sayin'.