Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Useless heap of conference-going flesh

Another night before I fly to a major academic conference, another night that I find myself helpless and paralyzed in the face of a presentation that refuses to write itself.  On the plus (?) side, I have no job interviews to prepare for at Major Area Studies Conference, so I can devote a little more of my intellect to making this shit make sense.  So it goes.


  1. My airport shuttle is coming in 3.5 hours. I am not done packing and my paper needs work.

  2. I'm leaving my house in, er, 2 hours or so to drive to my mother-in-law's house with my family. Tomorrow, I leave my mother-in-law's house at around 6am, take the commuter train to my train to the conference city. When I arrive at conference city, I go to a briefing by a research-relevant group that starts at noon. I then give my paper at 5pm. (At this point, I will not yet have checked into my hotel room, since I'm not at the conference hotel.)

    I currently have no notes and no powerpoint for said presentation.

    Coffee. All the coffee. This is my plan.

  3. I have a history of being on panels where everyone except me uploads their paper by MASC's official paper-uploading deadline.

  4. @Rabs: Hi!

    @Ajnabieh: I can't wait to hear how that plan works out for you.

    @Brian: Welcome! And yeah, that official upload deadline is total nonsense. It came and went before I even began to think seriously about my talk. Maybe I could have done something like that as a postdoc, but certainly not as a prof with a 4/4 load and jobs to apply for.

  5. Good luck. Also: love the Vonnegutian ending. *applauds*

  6. Ha ha! Not inktopiana...was frustrated that the boxes kept popping up and asking me to type stuff...it's just plain old Ink.