Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bad week, good week

BAD: My journal submission got rejected hard this week.  The peer reviews were little short of scathing.  I'm not sure if I totally misjudged the inclinations of the journal, or if those reviewers were especially invested in a particular direction for publications.  In any case, they hated it.  It looks like I have to go back to the drawing board in a serious way for this article.  In an annoying twist, I had selected this journal in the first place because I thought the article made a better fit for them than other pseudology journals.  Apparently not.

GOOD: I've lined up a few preliminary interviews so far, and I'm hoping to add a few more, since the Big Giant Pseudology Conference is coming up soon.  It's good to hear from people interested in me and my work, since some others have been so, uh, unenthused about it lately.

BAD: I got shot down by two different women this week over in Large Regional City, which put a damper on my interest in driving up there for a day trip this weekend.  I've got a lot of prep work to do for BGPC, and the only reason I would absent myself from that is to go try to have a dating life in LRC — there's a distinct shortage of single women in Ghosttown, in case I haven't mentioned that yet.  LRC ain't showin' me no love, y'all.  Back to the salt mines with me, for lack of anything better to do.

GOOD: Lately, I've had a number of 'light bulb' moments with students, where I could actually see the flash of understanding on their faces as they processed some new ideas.  It's really gratifying to see them begin to understand something for the first time, right there in class.  You know what I mean, when their faces change expression and they look vaguely surprised as they realize that they know what I mean now?  It's awesome.


  1. Hooray for interviews!!!! If I have pseudologied correctly, you need to be all about the prep and the getting your game together for the upcoming conference; forget Large Regional City --- they don't deserve you. Go go go applicationizing!

    PS Yey for students actually having realizations!

  2. Congrats on the interviews!! Best, best, best of luck!

  3. Large Regional City actually kind of sucks, if it is what I think it is. Screw them, you have interview and shit to do!

    On the article front, I definitely feel your pain. What happens to academics that allows them to think that writing such searing reviews is ok and even constructive?!