Thursday, November 25, 2010

Workin' on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day, being the secular national holiday that it is, is not only deeply resonant for most Americans, but totally irrelevant to almost everyone else.  Here in Research City, no one gives a crap besides American expats, and the beat goes on as usual.  Good thing, too: my Blackberry is acting all screwed up today, and I need to run over to the store and see if they can beat some sense into the thing.

Meanwhile, I tried and failed to submit a job application due very soon, because something else is screwed up with the login process.  And the small children who live either above or below me (I hear them through the inner windows, so I'm not sure) appear to have only two utterances at their disposal: crying and shrieking like enraged air-raid sirens.  How these two children could possibly think themselves so miserable all of the time in a country that absolutely fawns on small children is beyond me.

And, of course, it's Thanksgiving today.  This evening, I'll be having dinner with some good friends at their house.  And I shall feel deeply and sincerely thankful for that.

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