Monday, June 24, 2013

RBOC: Buckling down to summer in spite of my advancing age edition

First, the more personal, grumbly stuff:
  • I had a birthday recently.  I was not happy about it.  I've never been conflicted about my birthday before, but I was grappling with the anxiety of being [insert milestone age] and not being all the things I once envisioned I would be at this age.  Fortunately, several friends, including the lovely Fie Upon This Quiet Life, took me out for cheese and wine, which made it much better.
  • I'm really not so thrilled with the increasingly evident male-pattern baldness that I can see on my head every morning before I shower.  It's not a pattern I've ever seen in any living ancestor of mine.  I find myself scanning old family photographs to divine some idea of what I will look like in another ten years or so.  (The endemic genetic tendency on all sides?  Dorky.  I'm doomed.)
Okay, now for the better (or at least more academic) stuff.
  • This is THE SUMMER OF SCARY WORK.  Okay, maybe not quite creature-feature scary, but it's intimidating.  I have until the end of summer to finish my book revisions whilst I plan my syllabi, one prep of which will be brand-new.  And, at time of writing, I really don't give a damn about the syllabi.  Ho hum.
  • The book, now that I care about.  I've been digesting ideas for a while now without much committing them to print, but now that I've kicked out the most recent article, I have a lot more stuff to shoehorn into the manuscript.  Naturally, that doesn't fully address the critiques on my plate, but it will go some way toward that goal.
  • Oh, and just in case you missed reading my anxious thoughts about employment, I'm back on the job market this fall, as I roll into the second year of my term contract.  At the moment, I have delusions that I will blast into the job market like an avenging anti-hero in a revisionist Western charging into a saloon to annihilate everything that moves.  No doubt, though, that I will soon fall back upon my more familiar metaphorical avatar of Frodo desperately clawing his way up Mount Doom before he expires from exhaustion and despair.  But hey, that's another day and another cup of coffee!
  • I'm getting paid this summer!!  The pro-forma renewal letter that CBU sent me explained that my second contract year begins in July, which means I will have no paycheck gap this summer.  I am even more pleased about this than I am astonished.


  1. Oh, birthdays. I have one coming up myself, though not a milestone. It definitely feels like time to take stock, but don't let a number freak you out. Things tend to happen in their own time.

    And yay for summer pay!

  2. Hair loss is the most overhyped "problem" there is. It does run in my family, and I remember periods of agonizing over it, but I'm now at a pretty advanced stage and it has had no negative impact on me in any area of life, and has probably even been a tiny net positive in having haircuts and showers go more quickly.

  3. Summer of Scary Work indeed. I'm in a similar place. Good luck, dude.

    At least I'm only going gray, not bald. ;)

  4. Happy birthday! Happy cheese and wine!! Happy paycheck!!! Happy bald--- no, wait.

    Anyways, I hope you have a lovely birthday and summer, in between pushing the rock up the mountain.