Friday, July 6, 2012

Apartment hunting and blogger meet-up!

So, guess what?  It turns out that the greater metropolitan area in which I'm looking for an apartment right now is also home to another distinguished academic blogger.  Last evening, I got to have dinner and drinks with none other than Fie Upon This Quiet Life!  Most exciting, most exciting!  We dined upon pub fare, threw down a few pots of small ale, and enjoyed some sophisticated conversation.  I even caught a photograph of the two of us on my iPhone!  See here: - Let's not do LSD again
*NB: May not be real, or accurate, or a photograph.

It's nice to know that I'll be acquainted with at least one or two people in the area with whom I can get together for a bitch session and a few beers.  

Meanwhile, the hunt for a place continues.  I am quickly coming to the conclusion that I would not be happy living in Tinytown, and it would be worth the commute to live over in Huge Regional City.  That's actually where my department chair lives, and I'm due to have lunch with hir today.  I'll be probing for information on that as I nibble at my victuals.  And, no doubt, driving over to HRC to look at soulless (but clean! and sturdily built! and away from meth-heads!) apartment complexes afterward.


  1. Love the picture! Don't forget to call my realtor, too! It's possible that he might have some useful information for you. :)

    Thanks for meeting up. It was fun -- which I need to have more of!

  2. So, those were pots of "beer," eh? Or maybe you are saying you drank like a fish!

    If you're in that big fat city, you're not too far from Crazy, right? another blogger meetup could be in the works.

    Maybe you could set up some sort of carpool situation with someone living in the big fat city? I worry about driving a little beetle (shoutout little beetles!) in the snow.