Friday, December 16, 2011

Wardrobe update

Like all good bargain hunters, I know that half of the battle is a matter of patience: you need to wait for the really good sales to roll around.  Finally, a good one came up, and gave me the chance to update my wardrobe a bit from "harried and impoverished grad student" to "harried and semi-impoverished professor."  I am particularly pleased that I've finally bought myself a second sport coat, and – oh, happy, geeky day! – sweater vests

I feel  :)


  1. @Heu: I don't think they do nowadays, but I remember when they did, so it works out. :)

  2. Yessss! Looking good!

    But. . . what about the shoes?

  3. You gonna be too warm in all those layers there?

  4. @Flavia: My shoes are nothing new for me. :)

    @Sis: Actually, it's been pretty cold lately. Unless I'm in my office, which is currently overheated drastically by a steam radiator, I'm just fine dressed like this.

    @Hap: Thanks, me too!

  5. Definitely stylin'! Hip Professor in the HOUSE.

  6. Well look -- at -- you!!! Definitely professorial, in a good way :)