Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Freedom of the road

My family misery is too psychically near to put out of mind, but at least I am now physically removed from it. I'm in a roadside motel that claims to have free wifi, but of course the signal is too weak to load a single page. Times like this make me grateful for my new iPhone, even if I'm still working on my two-thumbed typing skills.

I need to get my head into house-hunting mode and out of family drama. Iactually made a little progress this evening over dinner: I was rolling over some random thoughts, and I realized that there's another interesting little question that I should discuss in my (sadly neglected!) manuscript. I had a work-related thought again! And then I jotted it down in my iPhone. Hee.

So basically, my family depresses me, my writing has been on hold, I have no idea yet where I'll live in my new town, but I'm enjoying the iPhone. That's something, right?

Oh, on the subject of pseudonyms, I'm holding off on naming my new location until I see the place myself and can brainstorm a meaningful pseudonym. Sisyphus' suggestion of Postdoc Town is not only a little generic, but technically inaccurate, since the job is a VAP. I'll work on it.


  1. :( I'm sorry things are sucky at home right now. But at least you are setting out on a great new adventure in not-Postdoc Town! I wanna hear all about the rental search! And pictures! (BTW I'm in Postdoc City, so, yeah, you need your own moniker. How bout the town of OMFG It's Hot?)

    And yes, the iphone is great and I love it! I am hunting down new apps to play with as we speak. Type. Whatever. It helps you get around those *&%#$ stupid pay-per-minute wifi setups at airports. (Grrr.) Or conferences at hotels where they want you to sign in as a guest before you use their wifi. Yes, I am all about the cheap workarounds. ;)

    Good luck on the househunting!

  2. So, so glad for you that you're Out Of That Mess. One of our options if we hadn't figured out the finances was moving in with my mother...so, so glad we don't have to do that.

    I *hate* having to come up with place psueds. Good luck. And good luck house hunting! It is a headache, but imagine the possibilities for awesomeness! (Or am I just reeeeealy into housing?)

    AND I just got an iPhone for my birthday! There's a game called Bubble Popper, which is popping bubble wrap on your phone! THE BEST. Have you given yourself a phone-related RSI yet? I HAVE.

  3. @Sis: The heat is no use for a pseudonym. It's hot EVERYWHERE nowadays! And besides, heat is nothing new to me. I've spent most of the last decade living in either DOU-Town or Research City. I barely remember what cold weather feels like.

    @Ajnabieh: Happy birthday, and congrats on the new iPhone! And, er, congrats on the RSI?