Friday, February 26, 2010


Today was a great writing day for me; I credit it to adding cinnamon to my coffee.  (Or, possibly, a critical mass of theory reading that started to catalyze last night.)  I've written so much now that there's really little else I could say without repeating myself (even more), so the thought arose that there's not much left to do but edit for clarity tomorrow, when I'm fresh, read the last two library books in my possession for any new insights, and then send the diss out to the committee.

Then I got this strange feeling in my stomach, as the thought sank in that, if I wanted to ensure the defense date of my choice, I'd need to email my profs now, ahead of sending the diss.  But of course, they'd then want to know when they could expect to see the draft, if I was already trying to schedule things.

So, while I tried to keep my arms steady -- I was shaking -- I emailed them my preferred potential defense dates, and assured them that the draft would be ready by the end of this weekend.

Jesus fucking Christ. 

I'm still kind of shaking right now.  (You have no idea how hard I had to concentrate to type this!)  I'm halfway through my first glass of wine; I expect to have a second before I retire for the evening.



  1. A momentous occasion! And by now, of course, the diss is out? Fantastic! And terrifying!

    (This is the first post of yours I read--followed you over from comments on a couple of blogs I keep up with--hello! Anyway, the point is that I don't know your story, so my comment might be misplaced, but I felt COMPELLED to comment on a diss-almost-completed post, since sending out the dissertation is such a bizarre event. I remember walking mine all over campus on a rainy February day; the feeling of the 1500 pages I was carrying in my arms being gradually diminished, 300 at a time, as I trekked from department to department was like a literal lifting of a burden that I'd carried so long that I wasn't even aware of it anymore....)

  2. Thanks, Heu Mihi! I can't honestly say that the diss is "out," per se; I suppose this topic deserves a blog post of its own. It's making progress through the system, though, which is enough for the moment. I haven't yet had the experience of escorting huge stacks of paper around campus; that has to wait until...oh, hell, I should just blog this properly.

    Rest assured, though, that I look forward to that moment! And, finally, welcome to Chez Koshary!